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Here are a few reasons why you might find meaning in writing a blog and a few why you should consider reading this one.

y tho?

The year is 2020 and I have decided to begin this decade by writing blog posts. I explicitly committed myself to spend this year writing at least 12 blog posts. Before I get into why I have chosen to write blog posts, here are some reasons why you should read this one!

why read this blog

follow my journey!

If you are a fairly analytical thinker and want to hear about similar experiences, the upcoming blogs might be a good fit for you. I’ll blog about things I am learning, systems I implement in my life, things that work and a lot that don’t, tech, finance, and travel. Here’s a bit more about me.

what you can expect

In my blog posts, you can expect me to be honest, and transparent about my experiences. I won’t shy away from sharing my failures. I also look forward to having meaningful conversations with my audience (that’s you!), if you’re up for it.

why write a blog

Over the past few years, I have become extremely fond of writing things down, whether in google documents, notes, my text editor or my favorite, reminders.

My personal reminder system
My personal reminder system

Here’s a few reasons I thought about that would motivate one to write a blog:

External Accountability

By writing things down, and getting it out there in the public, you can hold yourself accountable. For some people, sharing goals and progress publicly, it serves as an accountability mechanism. The public pressure to meet goals forces you to adhere to them.

Solidify Learnings

How often do you walk away from an interaction learning something profound? Rarely, Sometimes, Never? Whatever the answer, you can crystallize these learnings by writing them down, and analyzing them in-depth. This might help you form connections in your brain to ideas you had not thought applicable.


Writing blog posts will certainly provide structure to your thoughts. This is because the formula for a successful blog is to convey ideas in a manner that’ll be easy for your readers to comprehend.

Capture your mindscape

Upon brainstorming for this blog, with my wife, she offered a new perspective I had not considered. She shared that writing journals were akin to writing blogs. Journals allowed her to capture her state of mind, her emotions and freeze them in at a point in time. I find that this is very applicable to blog post writing as well. You’ll freeze the ideas jumping around in your 25-year-old mind. You’ll then be able to journey through time to come back and have a lens into your past self.

Effortful thinking

Writing allows you to be more thoughtful and reflect more deeply upon your experiences. One thing I find is that since writing is effortful, it often requires you to use your more deliberate, and logical system 2 thinking.


This is one that resonates with me the most. I strongly believe by writing publicly, I’ll be able to gain a wider perspective on ideas and my beliefs by hearing from my audience. This, of course, comes along with public critique that you have to be prepared to see.


Sharing your experiences can bring peace and relief to yourself. There are many conscious and unconscious stresses in our lives and by writing blogs, you might find freedom from these emotions.


What better way to improve your writing than…writing?

Build empathy

Hey, writing isn’t easy! By writing blog posts you’ll understand the hard work that goes into writing a blog and, setting up your own blog. You’ll build far more empathy for all the wonderful bloggers out there who make the effort of writing blog posts consistently.

Your mic

Writing a blog will provide you with a platform to spread ideas you hold near and dear to your heart. You can use it to influence and build the world you desire.

What did I miss?

Are there other reasons to write a blog post that I missed? I’d absolutely love to hear from you, my benevolent reader. Comment on the reddit thread below!

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